Raising Hope - Main Theme   (rock)

The Girl's Guide To Depravity - Main Theme  (latin)

Old Spice "Truce" (80s piano ballad)

Produced for Marmoset

adidas - "Take Today - Joakim Noah"  (quiet and powerful)

Hyundai  "Bold Never Blends" (Bold Electro Pop)

Produced for Butter Music and Sound

University of Oregon "Be Oregon" (uplifting orchestral)

SunDrop "Zombie Apocalypse" (hair-metal hip-hop)

Produced for MassiveMusic

adidas - "Springblade" (epic hybrid orchestral)

Shiner Bock "Hearse"   (70s Rock)

Produced for Shindig

Allen Edmonds Shoes (American Anthem)

Doom "Launch" (industrial metal)

Produced for CoPilot. Collab with Naren Rauch

adidas "Creativity by Ally Love" (electro-pop)

adidas "Creativity by Karlie Kloss" (chill electro)

The Manual - Film (trailer cut from synthwave film cues)

Liberty Mutual  "Volleyball" (80s Rock Comedy)

Produced for Butter Music and Sound

Bar S "Now That Sounds Good" (Modern Acoustic Pop)

Produced with Knock It Out

Franciscan Health  "Do Good Feel Good" (Funky Pop)

adidas "Take Today DeMarco Murray" (badassness)

Keck Medicine of USC - "Limitless"  (pop anthem)

Produced for Sounds Delicious

OHSU - "This Is OHSU"  (post-rock anthem)