Kerry Smith is a veteran award-winning Composer, Songwriter, Sound Designer and (Musical) Creative Director.  

After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Music from VCU, Kerry headed to New York City, where he was welcomed into the industry-defining music house, Elias Arts.  After 10 years of scoring, sound designing, and sonifying hundreds of spots, logos, film shorts, products and environments, and winning many awards throughout the heady 90s, he became a partner and Creative Director with the global music company, MassiveMusic.   In 2010, wanting to focus more on composition and family, Kerry went solo, relocated to Portland, Oregon, and immediately wrote the Opening Theme Songs for the Fox comedy “Raising Hope”, Cinemax’s “The Girls’ Guide To Depravity”, as well as more great spots, games, apps, short films and installation projects.

After also spending many years leading or sideman-ing a host of original bands, Kerry is now fully focused on composition.

Kerry can scale up or down his role in a project, utilizing his 20-plus years of experience to Direct and Produce music and sound whenever the job requires.